Online Shopping Security For Christmas

With the Christmas shopping season in full swing again, there are hundreds of millions of pounds flying around the internet in on-line transactions, and where there’s a lot of money there are always people looking to steal it from you, but with a bit of caution, on-line shopping needn’t cost you more than just the […]

Lastpass hacked – should you be worried?

On Tuesday 16th June 2015 LastPass sent emails out to all it’s subscribers asking them to change their master password as they had in the previous few days detected suspicious activity on their servers. The report states that no ‘Vault’ data was leaked out, however it is believed that email addresses, password reminders, and possibly […]

TrueCrypt Audit Results

After many many months of testing the results are finally in for the crowd funded Truecrypt audit as performed by The NCC Group and the results are very encouraging – basically TrueCrypt is still very safe to use. The full report of the TrueCrypt audit is very technical in nature, but it identified four main […]

Firefox Adds Tracking Protection

Those nice guys over at the Mozilla Foundation have decided to help all Firefox users to maintain an enhanced level of privacy with a new setting that allow the user to switch on an option to block all the tracking cookies and aggregators that follow us around the web and in many cases can actually […]

Reports Of My Death Are Greatly Exaggerated

During the last week there has been a lot of hype and hysteria in the media by people who don’t know any better (and some that should know better) regarding the supposed ‘death’ of Windows 7. On 14th January mainstream support for Microsoft Windows 7 officially ceased, and many people are incorrectly interpreting that as […]