Microsoft Increases Pressure On Users To Update To Windows 10

Win10_UpgradeMicrosoft have this week started to make good on their promise from October 2015 that they will make the Windows 10 upgrade a ‘recommended’ update for all Windows & and Windows 8 / 8.1 users.

What does this mean to the man in the street?  –  Well basically, it means that Windows will automatically download all the files it needs to update your PC, and with no more action from the user than accepting the End User License Agreement an unsuspecting Windows user can instigate the update process.

With there still being many users who are concerned about the privacy implications of Windows 10, as wellas many people who may have incompatible applications, many people, us included, believe that Microsoft may well have gone a step too far this time and this latest act is far too agreessive.

We are genrally fans of Windows 10, and would urge any Windows 7 or Windows 8 users to upgrade to Windows 10, especially as it’s free, what we also believe is that users should be given the choice on whether they wany to upgrade or not, and not be forced or tricked in to it by what amounts to nothing more than bully boy tactics.

Can I stop the Upgrade?

There is no easy way within Windows 7 or Windows 8 to stop the Windows 10 update files from downloading, however there is a nice little utility called ‘GWX Control Panel‘ at ‘Ultimate Outsider’ that will not only allow you to block the Windows 10 downloads, but will also alert you to ‘Update like ‘activity should Microsoft change the way they deliver the upgrade in order to bypass the GWX Control Panel.

If you really don’twant Windows 10 for some reason then we would thoroughly recommend using this utility to block the update – just make sure that you read all the instrctions through before using as it’s a comprehensive and powerful little utility.